i fall without my wings (mandidxoxo) wrote,
i fall without my wings

stating the obvious-chainletter style.

Things I've Learned:
By: Me!

-Generosity is not measured by how much someone can financially provide you with

-You can't buy people's affections--it will never make them like you more

-You can't make someone love you (or even like you)

-People have to want to be helped

-If you think you're mysterious, other people probably see you as transparent

-If you make a promise you can't keep just to please someone in the moment, it's only going to hurt them 10,000 times worse in the long run

-You can't be walked all over if you don't lie down first

-Money can never buy happiness, but a lack of money can surely be the root of misery

-Ultimately you have to be selfish to protect yourself, but make sure those choices able you to live with the consequences

-Don't be too afraid to let people in, but also don't be too scared to get rid of the toxic people

-Someone is always going to have it worse than you, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't allow yourself to get in touch with your own pain or feel guilty about it

-Nobody has it all-we all have something other's want and we all want something other's have--some just lack/desire more than others

-Your actions almost always affect at least one other
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