i fall without my wings (mandidxoxo) wrote,
i fall without my wings

So, it went from 7 degrees to 25ish to 55. COLD WEATHER I MISS YOU, COME BACK. I didn't buy all those Winter clothes last nite for nothin' & Winter certainly isn't my fave Season because of the heat, GOSH.

Whoa, I had a whole list of things I wanted to talk about and now I can't remember even ONE. That ain't right.

Oh, I know. HELP HELP HELP. I'll love you FOREVER. Okay, so one major downfall to being a slave to the treadmill (riight)= leg muscles that get in the way when trying to zip up most knee high boots! I think I will pretty much DIE (no, really) if I don't get a pair similar to....:

SO, where can I find some "extended calf" (haha I feel like one of those ladies on Jerry Springer who they have to cut out of their houses or something..) boots that look exactly like this? MY LIFE IS AT STAKE HERE, PEOPLE. Preferably in brown, but I'm down with olive too, and I could deal with black or white. Just...HELP. And any other HOT boots (faux fur much appreciated) suggestions would be accepted as well. But I NEED those boots. Not sure if I've stressed that enough.

Hmm, there was something else, I know there was.

Well anyway, I don't know if this was it or not, but maybe. Did you know that the only thing babies are born craving is sugar? I swear sugar is a serious addiction! I tried to give it up and I lasted like 2 or 3 days, if that, and man I must say I did feel much healthier even in that short amount of time. BUT once you even get a little tiny taste of it again--BAM, you're right back where you started and hoarding it left and right! What's up with that?

OK well, time to go online browsing some more for, well, my favorite person...ME, and y'know, loved ones too, ya ya ya. HOW IS CHRISTMAS SO CLOSE? The only "person" (ok, mammal?) I've found anything for thus far is Bella. Man, that bitch is getting SPOILED. Coach collar anyone? And that's just one thing. I AM RIDICULOUS and I loveee it. I leave for my trip in less than a week...what am I gonna do !!!! I still haven't even given Meliss her bday present and her bday was in OCTOBER. it's just been sitting on my desk for months. Too bad Christmas doesn't work that way. Ohh wellll.

Crisis time, my parents are going to a black tie wedding in, like, 30 minutes and my mom's necklace is missing. My assistance is needed.My Dad didn't even wear a tux at his own wedding. He looks gooooooooood! Of course, it's taking him like 3 times as long to get ready as my mom HAHA

What a shallow post!

CIAO babies!
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